Introduction Leaflet

We’ve issued introduction leaflets for the Craft, Fabrication and Sustainability Project, the Innovation Studio, and events. Please give them a look.
  • Craft, Fabrication and Sustainability Project:An introduction of the Project’s activities for 2014
  • Tenkaizu Budoukai ~This stool is cool!:introduction of a contest where, following a specified requirement, participants create stools and compete over their degree of completion as products
  • Progress of the IAMAS Innovation Studio:An introduction of the studio’s activities from its establishment until now
  • Craft, Fabrication and Sustainability: a project consisting the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS], Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture and TAB Co., Ltd.
    Through sharing skills, know-how and methods, we will create a platform supporting the growth of small sustainable businesses; utilising both hand and digital fabrication tools and techniques.