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  • Time-Layer Photography 五十嵐友子 Time-Layer Photography 五十嵐友子

    Time-Layer Photography

    IGARASHI Tomoko

    This is a series of still images composited using the same ratio (density) for all of the frames of video that were taken; each spanning an arbitrary period of time. This work takes up "movement"-- the definitive distinction between video and still images-- and perceives a blurred dissolution of this border, as the still images continue to "play" on the displays. These are photographs formerly-taken-as-video.

    Born in 1982. She produces video works and graphics, seeking forms of expression that cause the unique characteristics of image-based media to become apparent. Her video work "Fog, off the ground" that used negative film has been presented at the up-and-coming International Film Festival (Germany 2007), MEDIA EXPLORER 2007 (Skip City) and other events.

    (Gyoko-dori underground gallery / 2008)

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  • 巡業 ver. 2.20 ~ 記録としての「け-しき」 / 極楽ブラザーズ

    journey ver.2.20 ~"ke-shiki" as record

    Gokuraku Brothers

    The Gokuraku Brothers combined the words "fukei" (scenery) ≒ "keshiki" (landscape) as "ke-shiki" ("ke" meaning things made by earth and people, and "shiki" meaning people), and shot video at a variety of locations. In this "ke-shiki" documented in video, people are presented as latent images and disappear with other superimposed figures, causing only the "things" to emerge as a "moving ke-shiki", forming a unique "landscape as itself".

    Gokuraku Brothers is a group formed by fine artist Noriaki Ogasawara, plastics artist Susumu Hakumae, and video artist Masakazu Saito. They began working in 2001, and since have produced works using any and all techniques available involving video, sounds, space and so forth. Their main works include "Seeking Ways to RAKUDO" (Ogaki Biennale 2004) and "video drawing" (YEBISU ART LABO 2007) amongst others.

    A'07 (Gallery YADA / 2007)
    Solo exhibition( YEBISU ART LABO/ 2007)

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  • 動の影 岩下徹というからだ / 齋藤正和

    Shadow of Movement about Toru IWASHITA  

    SAITO Masakazu  

    Viewing movement as "a shifting of the position of an object during a given period of time", this series digitally processes moving figures to visualize the trajectory of their movements. This work looks at the traces of movements made by the  dancer Toru Iwashita, performing as he does improvisational dance while watching a video displaying the trajectory of his movements in realtime.

    Born in 1976. He produces video works that seek out the diverse potential for wielding the medium with the use of digital technology, including automated editing software. He has presented within Japan and overseas at film festivals and exhibitions such as Media Forum (2006) and next: New Generation of Media Artists (2004). He is currently an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS).

    Sound & Vision Vol.3 "Reflect" (Yokohama ZAIM / 2008)
    ASIAN HOT SHOTS BERLIN (JET / Germany / 2009)

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  • Depth of the Field -Processing Photography Blink Series / 高尾俊介 Depth of the Field -Processing Photography Blink Series / 高尾俊介

    Courtesy of Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM]

    Depth of the Field -Processing Photography Blink Series

    TAKAWO Shunsuke 

    This work is a photographic installation that detects the opening and closing of the viewer's eyelids, causing the speed of the photographic slideshow to change. With a visual organ (the eyelid) as an interface in this work, viewers physically experience spacial and temporal depth through the act of looking at this continuous photo slideshow.

    Born in 1981. He presents his work in the context of the popularization of generation, editing, and browsing of digital photography with computers. He also continues to shuttle between study and experiment in media technology. The main exhibitions he has participated in include minimum interface (YCAM 2008-2009) and YOKOYAMA EIZONE 2008.

    'minimum interface' 
    (Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media / 2008)

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  • SUGATAMI / 萩原健一


    HAGIHARA Kenichi  

    This video portrait work employs the motif of a street dancer. The dancer's image is reflected on the glass walls of a building, which darkened to become a mirror at night. Video was filmed of thier doing the same songs at the same times from the opposite side of the glass. In the finished work, footage gathered over several months are synchronized and played on two screens (without sound). One dancer appears to take turns with themselves, using images filmed at different points in time.

    Born in 1978. Following a stint as an archivist researcher at Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media InterLab, he has been producing works that revolve around photography, using diverse image media including both still and moving pictures. His work "sight seeing spot" won the ART AWARD TOKYO 2007 Special Prize, and was selected as a Japan Media Arts Festival Jury Recommended Work. Currently He is an Assistant Professor at the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS).

    OGAKI Biennale 2008 (Ogaki city / 2008)
    sound and vision vol.3 2008 (Yokohama ZAIM / 2008)

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  • 「えん」(デジタルタブロー) / 早川貴泰 「えん」(デジタルタブロー) / 早川貴泰

    en -digital tableau-

    HAYAKAWA Takahiro

    "en" is a high definition loop animation. This work's motifs are "animism", "pantheism ", "Buddhism" and ancient Asian religion. "Digital Tableau" is a work that aims to retain the quality of the video while employing its own unique standards set in a package. This package includes video content with a display device and playback equipment (i.e. in the form of a video installation).

    Born in 1979 and is a video artist. He conducts research into the possibilities of animation artwork in high resolution environments. His most notable work is "KASHIKOKIMONO". Hayakawa has received prizes, held solo exhibitions, participated in screenings, and done collaborations both within Japan and overseas, including ARS ELECTRONICA 2005. In 2008 he presented the first 4K (3840x2160 pixel) drawing animation work, "Jinkaishu", in the world.

    Solo exhibition「 Asian Animism and Animation」
    (The Japan Foundation, Bangkok / Thailand / 2008) 

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  • 影のシルエット (映像のアナモルフォーズ) / 前川知範 影のシルエット (映像のアナモルフォーズ) / 前川知範

    The silhouette of a shadow (Animated Anamorphose)

    MAEKAWA Tomonori

    Anamorphosis is a drawing of a distorted image, which may be viewed in its natural form when reflected onto a curved mirror. In this work a high resolution display is used as substitute for paper, and the still image is replaced by a moving one. This media framework is used as the work unfolds along a timeline. Likening the relationship of clear and distorted images to that of real and virtual ones, this work expresses that the characters are entering the mirror as the image becomes more discernible.

    Born in 1984. Focusing his attention on the relationship between live-action and CG, he has produced numerous narrative video works by merging these two media. His characteristic works, composed with a nested structure, have been presented using multi-projection techniques numerous times. Currently he is conducting production of and research into video expression using illusions that revolve around the relationship of real space and CG technology.

    ※recieved Gold prize

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  • a slide / 丸尾隆一 a slide / 丸尾隆一

    a slide

    MARUO Ryuichi

    Superimposing HD video and photos printed on translucent materials, this photography installation serves to give temporality to the relationships and the physical objects that are fixed in the moment images are captured. Along with the routinization of the net, data in various formats has exploded and utilization of this technology to retain mutual relationships has become highly valued. Amidst these developments, this new form of exhibition aims to allow personal snapshots to achieve a level of artistic expression on par with photography.

    Born in 1983. As a member of the ArchiBIMIng camera group, he has presented works dealing with a wide array of photographic and image media, spanning from mobile photo messaging to HD video. In 2008 he supervised the filming and editing of the dance video "Fricion of Time" made with Saburo Teshigawara. Currently he is doing documentation as an archivist at Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media.


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  • 太い陰 / 南隆雄 太い陰 / 南隆雄

    (c) Takao Minami, courtesy of Ota fine arts


    MINAMI Takao

    "FAT SHADES" was composed using video and sound documented in Southeast Asia by Minami between 2007-2008.He has long created work based on his interest in the blurring that occurs between boundaries of things. In this work, viewers are absorbed in the flow of visuals that slowly develop during the dizzy coming and going of images and light. It feels as though something might be beginning as the border between those looking on and the work itself becomes cloudy.

    Born in 1976. He produces installation artworks controlled by computer programs as well as video works based on subject matter from found objects or footage, and video or sound that he has collected himself. In addition, he has undertaken work involved with scenic design for dance performances. He has appeared in numerous exhibitions in Japan and overseas, including solo show at Ota fine Arts, tokyo (07,08) and participation in Yokohama Triennale (2005) as a member of ressentiment.

    Mind as Passion( Taipei Fine Arts Museum/ Taipei /2009)
    Solo exhibition( Ota Fine Arts/ 2008)

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  • 無機植物相 / 村山誠 無機植物相 / 村山誠 無機植物相 / 村山誠

    Inorganic flora

    MURAYAMA Macoto

    Generally plants are recognized as livings things with organic forms. However, this is only one of their sides, since they have conflicting elements in the form of inorganic and mechanical structures along with an organic figure.By individualizing the inorganic mechanical structures here, the plants present figures that differ from the norm, thereby enabling the viewer to discover some distinct and appealing points. He shows the plants' fascinating world, which diverges from what has been observed until now.

    Born in 1984. He mainly researches botanical art, illustration, and photography, as well as other two-dimensional media that are peripherally related to botanical illustration. He is seeking out the potential for a new image of plants that would go beyond the borders of botanical art. He has received the 13th Computer Graphics Contest for the Students Still Image Outstanding Performance Award and the 2008 Asia Digital Art Award Still Image Grand Prize amongst various other acknowledgments.

    OGAKI Biennale 2008 (Ogaki city / 2008)

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  • 無機植物相 / 村山誠 無機植物相 / 村山誠

    Bidouga - Verge of insect's death

    YAMAMOTO Nobuyuki 

    Bidouga - Verge of insect's death is a miniature two-dimensional series of work that demonstrates a unique type of playback on mobile phone displays. All of the following elements are combined to express the vividness of the bugs' subtle movements and surface textures: exquisitely drawn motifs, software running random animations, and interaction by pressing a button. Each miniature image can be downloaded from the following mobile phone website.

    Born in 1980. He produces works based on portrait art, namely in detailed depictions and drawings. Recently, he has been expanding to art that supports small mobile device LCD displays in works such as: "Life collage" with the iPod, and "Bidouga", the miniature work on mobile phone. He has presented his work at various exhibitions including Ima-karada - IAMAS in Tokyo (Spiral Garden), and eARTh quake Snami (21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa).

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  • 気配 / H.584 気配 / H.584



    we attempt to create an atmosphere where the viewer feels the presence of a person standing behind the curtain. A recorded shadow of the person and video feedback images are projected onto the curtain. Four lamps installed above the curtain are controlled by a computer program and synchronized with the images

    H.584 is a flucuating group made up of various members of the HD contents making project. The current members' specialize in photography, video, music, design, and numerous additional fields. Their wide-ranging activities have included creation of installation artworks, video documentation of stage performances, and collaborations with project of shephard (Shinta Inoue) and musicinema (Taro Yasuno).


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  • 『魂戯れ』の記憶の記録 (タイム・コラージュ) / REM SKETCH 『魂戯れ』の記憶の記録 (タイム・コラージュ) / H.584

    作品一部 click to enlarge

    Trace of Moments from Tamazare (time collage) 


    This work differs from the typical video documentation of stage performances that reenact the program in accordance to a timeline. Video documentation of the theater work "Tamazare" (Dairakudakan 2003, Shunjuza Theater) taken with five cameras was cut into sections. Then the "time" of each scene in "Tamazare" was collaged on one screen in the style of emakimono (picture scrolls )that collectively depict parts of a story occurring at different points in time all in a single image. This video appears just like a "moving Mandala illustration".

    REM SKETCH is a video-based work production team that seeks out new forms of video documentation. Since 2002 they have supervised the video documentation of the Performance Experiment Series organized by the Kyoto Performing Arts Center. In addition, they have participated in image technology work for stage performance works within Japan and overseas, including those of Shogo Ota, Noism, Philippe Decouflé, Masataka Matsuda, and many others. REM SKETCH also received the Dance and Media Japan Curators' Selection Award in 2006.

    10th Japan Media Arts Festival Jury Recommended Work (2007)
    Trace of Moments from Tamazare Exhibition)
    (Kyoto Performing Arts Center Shunjuza Theater / 2007)
    Dairakudakan Butoh Company 35th Anniversary Performance 
    (Setagaya Public Theatre / 2007)

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