"The display is a pillar for enabling the control of images through single pixel-based units."

This was written in the pamphlet for the PLAYING BACK SURFACE exhibition held at AD&D GALLERY last year in February. A year has since come and gone, and technological innovations in High Definition images and video have increasingly stimulated and inspired the imaginations of artists'. In continuation with last year, this exhibition will display artworks that employ image-based media, which have been generated in these inventive times. A total of thirteen works have been selected for presentation, including brilliant pieces that have received high acclaim within Japan as well as overseas, work from 2008 that has been further developed and expanded upon, and new creations being displayed for the very first time.


PLAYING BACK SURFACE II -digital images of contemporary art-

2009.3.11 wed.- 3.15 sun. 10:00 - 17:30
Toyota Municipal Museum of Art Civic Gallery

IGARASHI Tomoko / Gokuraku Brothers / SAITO Masakazu / TAKAWO Shunsuke 
HAGIHARA Kenichi / HAYAKAWA Takahiro / MAEKAWA Tomonori / MARUO Ryuichi
MINAMI Takao / MURAYAMA Macoto / YAMAMOTO Nobuyuki / H.584 / REM SKETCH