Jay Lee + Bill Keays

Jay Lee + Bill Keays

Jay Lee

Bill Keays

Jay Lee is currently an artist/researcher at the MIT Media Laboratory. He has displayed his conceptual and aesthetic strengths in exploring interfaces merged with his background in contemporary visual arts and architecture. Recently, his research through interaction design and interactive artwork has been exhibited at SIGGRAPH, The NTT InterCommunication Center, and Ars Electronica.

Jay holds advanced Science degrees through MIT's Programs in Visual Studies and in Media Arts and Sciences. He also earned both Master and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Seoul. His HCI related computer science research papers have been published at the most prestigious international conferences. He is also an IDEA award recipient for interface design together with Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Laboratory.

Bill Keays is an interactive media artist who's work attempts to dissolve the boundary between real and virtual realms. His installations accomplish this by presenting innovative body-centric interfaces that share a high affinity with conceptual basis of the work. His work has been exhibited at SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica and numerous galleries and exhibitions worldwide. He holds a Master of Science from MIT, a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Computer Science Bachelor from the University of Ottawa. He currently lives and works in Lugano, Switzerland as an interactive media expert and founding member of the Research & Prototyping Group at the Fantastic Corporation.

Extruded Window

As a site-specific interactive installation, Extruded Window attempts an architectural intervention in the Softtopia Japan Center with parallel computer-generated views of its surrounding landscape. By extruding the form of the physical windows from the encasing wall of the building into the gallery space located deeper inside the building, the duplicated window structures become an interactive space inextricably connected to the building's architecture.

This reconfiguration of the windows seems to draw attention to the function of the window as a boundary between two discrete spaces; inside and outside, and invokes notions of expanding synthetic virtual images to be seductive layers in space and time. The installation invites viewers to explore the expanded images inhabiting a fictitious space created by the delamination of existing boundaries. Their direct or indirect hand motions create organic disturbances in the fragmented images and bring attention to the nature and function of spatial boundaries. Thus, the normal functioning of the window is expanded and viewers find themselves hovering in a space extruded between the real and virtual.

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