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09 09
Our luggage began a 2-month journey by sea. Now all we had to do was hope it would arrive safely in Japan.

In the evening, the shipping company took it away. 13 pallets were carried out and loaded into a truck.

We started the clean-up work again. After sorting out the luggage, we brought it down from the 2nd floor and loaded it onto the pallets, packing it in the same way as it was when we first received it.

10:00 We were greeted by the head of Künstuniversität Linz. Each participating student received a Linzertorte, a specialty of Linz, as a gift.

08 09
20:00 The closing party of the festival was held in the Ars Electronica Center Sky Media Loft.

By noon, we had finished packing about 40 of the works.

07 09
When the exhibition was over, we began the clean-up in full force. In the blink of an eyelid, everything was cleared away and the hall became very empty.

On the final day, there was a rush of visitors. Even after closing time, it is difficult to shut down.

Visitors are entranced by "Kemuri-mai", a dancing plume of incense smoke.

The children are excited by the work "Bug???", which contained real cockroaches.

We were allowed to use the student cafeteria on campus as a common room. Everyday, students stored luggage here and checked emails.

06 09
26:00 The club event "Transform" in Statwerkstatt went on until the morning. Our heads spinning, we rushed over to join in after the party.

21:00 We held a party for all faculty, staff, students and other people related to IAMAS who were visiting the festival, at the beer garden. Only one more day left!

19:00 On very short notice, the SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA, which was awarded an Honorary Mention in the Digital Musics section, put on a performance in Donau Park.

16:00 The workshop "Play with Japanese Language" was held. After explaining the origins and uses of Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana, and introducing some works having the theme of the Japanese language, the participants created Japanese business cards.

15:30 The NHK-BS "Digital Stadium" crew came to do a report on our exhibition. It was planned to coincide with a visit from teachers and students of the Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. Ravensbourne College has an exchange program with IAMAS.

Using the PowerBook in the café, visitors can operate a camera, TV and DVD that are located in IAMAS by remote control. News about earthquakes and typhoons hitting Japan can also be viewed here.

11:00 A group of students from Künstuniversität Linz, where our exhibition was being held, came to see the exhibition.

05 09
IAMAS president emeritus Itsuo Sakane, who was awarded a Golden Nica at Ars last year, gives a lecture in Brucknerhaus.

Today is a Sunday and the café has many customers. The staffs look busy!

15:00 "DSP Workshop" using Max/MSP/Jitter was held by Prof. Masayuki Akamatsu and Jean-Marc Pelletier. The workshop was changed to a lecture format to suit the participants.

Explaining how to upload movie clips taken with a cell phone for "diary".

A demonstration of "Yoi-no Mujina Goushi", experiencing a virtual 3D world using an interface in the shape of a doll.

The work "Moony", which was awarded the NEXT IDEA grant, is exhibited at the Ars Electronica Center.

At the entrance to the exhibition hall, a screen shows a video introducing IAMAS and highlights of some of our video works. Many people stop and watch attentively.