Exhibition of works by IAMAS students and graduates:
Interactive installations/ video works/ design works, Internet, CD-ROM works/ sound performances etc.

This part introduces the educational system, history and variety of activities that take place at IAMAS, and presents works by former IAMAS students:
IAMAS documentation / IAMAS history / IAMAS activities / IAMAS exhibition / IAMAS graduates / IAMAS artist-in-residence program / international exchange (presented on panels, videos, etc.)

Workshops and other presentations focus on IAMAS' unique classes, as well as modern Japanese culture in general:
Programming workshop / lectures on Japanese culture / guided exhibition tour / talk session by IAMAS graduates who are now based in Europe, etc.

Sound performances, club events are held. Radio broadcasts will be given by the local radio station "FRO" and the Internet.

This Japanese Kissaten is set up at the exhibition site to spice up the event with Neo-Japonesque flavour.
Waitresses in Kimonos create a link between café guests and IAMAS, offering everything from culinary delights to performances and art.

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