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Discourse on Ogaki's Environment

Director: Yasuhiro Ando
Ogaki City is a curious and varied mosaic. A fire station dating from the postwar period, aboveground arcades, Ogaki Castle visible between metal shuttered storefronts— these are characteristics of any mid-size Japanese city. However if you walk through Ogaki you will see everywhere the layers of history and nature that make up its unique environment. This environment is flowing and continually changing. Including all of those who have been invited, 14 artists will use exhibition locations centered in the shopping arcade area nearby the station, including vacant stores, underpasses and galleries. They will employ their artistic techniques to briefly form an “environment,” connecting with places in Ogaki.

Raised Pattern

Simeon Reymond
Location: Underpass in front of Ogaki station

This underway passage is very wide, and located in a very popular area. But people don't go through this way very often. I would like to give to this place a new atmosphere using the existing elements and transforming them into a light experience. This work focuses on the perception and perspective on the perception of time.

Healing, Adhesion / Replacement

Toshihiro Sakuma
Location: Ogaki Building, 1st Floor

From the collection Healing, through the additional works colony and Adhesion/Replacement my views on life and death have come to form the axis of my work. By placing the first work Healing-- which is comprised of faint lights shining upon ashes beside my latest work-- Adhesion/Replacement-- a space filled with bandages, I hope that guests will view the beginning and current state of my views on life and death as a single tableau.
Photograph: Healing, 1993

Inorganic flora

Macoto Murayama
Location: Takaya-cho Underpass

Plants are generally recognized as possessing an organic form. However that is only one side of the matter. Along with their organic form, they also contrarily possess a geometric structure. In my work I attempt to bring out the geometric structure of plants, and allow the audience to see a different side of their beauty in the structure that is revealed.
Photograph: gerbera1, 2008

like the clouds, like the rivers

Masaru Tabei
Location: Takaya-cho Underpass

Is it responding to sound? Is it responding to movement? No. It merely exists within and according to a modicum of independence. Like the clouds passing by, like the riversユ flowing water. However we can't help but feel that "it" has some greater intention.


Lyota Yagi
Location: South of the Sasagi Building

There are large sunflower fields in Ogaki City. I have attached solar panels to these sunflowers in an attempt to power buzzers and motors. In response to our modern energy problems this work considers an efficient way to generate electricity, as well as the wasteful ways in which we consume power.


Kenichi Hagihara
Location: Yanagen Display Windows

This work is a video portrait of street dancers. Over a period of a few months I filmed the dancers practicing in front of a building. I shot from the opposite side of the first floor windows, which darkened at night become mirrors for the dancers. In the finished work one dancer appears on screenムshe seems to take turns with other images of herself filmed at different points in time, all dancing to the same song. Through this development process in which the dancerユs gaze is focused on herself, light is shed on the determination of the individualユs character as well as the modern urban landscape.

Words of Prayer 9/2008 Ogaki, Gifu

Kinuko Naito
Location: Former OISHI Securities Building

"Where are the mountains? Where does this water flow from? That's an interesting store, I wonder whatユs down this street..." In this work I want to paint the whole exhibition space with my the observations and words that welled up inside me as I explored just one part of Ogaki.. Like the natural springs that spout forth around the city, I too wish to create a spring of my own.
Words of Prayer 9/2006, Atelier 2001, Kobe

Imaginary Numbers

Keiko Kimoto
Location: GALLERY YOU, Tanakaya Senbei

This collection attempts to present the dynamism that exists within the rhythms underlying the root of all life and living things. This dynamism is not filled with intention or implication; it is rather composed by a experiential transformation. In order to express this, I have comprehensively developed an interactive work that makes use of digital images, luminescent panels, and motion sensing technology.


Tetsuya Umeda
Location: GLAMDY 4, 5th floor

The wind is dancing in swirls. Is it forgetting the purpose of this building? Reversing its course, will it blow its way outside? As I face outside the building I want to throw something. But, Iユm not allowed.


Takashi KawaiandYoko Mazuki
Location: Seichikudo

That close-at-hand convenience flowing out whenever we turn our facets, that sacred substance used in body cleansing ceremonies, and at times that raging beast of destructionムwater has many faces. Since long ago Ogaki has been known as the "capital of water" for its plentiful and high quality springs and groundwater. In this work Takashi Kawai takes an extended look at the history between this cityユs water and its people. Both the documentation of a place mediated by water, as well as the manner in which unawares we find the memories of this water inscribing our bodies and lives are considered.


Yoko Mazuki
Location: Ogaki Event House, 2nd Floor

People and objects do not age day by day in the bustle of the city in a linear fashion, but rather follow a back-and-forth zigzag course. These courses overlap with each other and coexist together, forming a mosaic. Through the use of photography I try to listen to this noisy urban landscape.


Mariko Tajiri
Location: Ogaki Event House, 3rd Floor

Submerging video cameras in, and recording the area around Ogaki's various waterways and springs I collected their images and sounds and reconstituted them as installation art. The camera has captured tactile video footage full of surprise and coincidence. The resulting gathering of water scenery reveals to us parts of the world that are normally buried under our everyday life and gives us the pleasure of revitalizing our sense of universal wonder. This メwater landscape collectionモ is a pleasant lesson in trying to rediscover wonders in our universe that tend to get buried amongst the mundanities of everyday life.


Lyota Yagi
Location: Takeshima-kaikan, 1st floor

This is an installation work at the Takashima-kaikan that reconstitutes the noises made by numerous types of cicadas. I'm afraid these recorded cicadas have become unable to accept death. So this is what stealing souls through photographs is like? Even after the cicadas have cast off their shells, the memory of summer lingers.

Hi kei shiki

Kenichi Hagihara
Location: Takeshima-kaikan, 1st floor

Gathering together previous models for my photography, I retrace their performances (poses) identically at the same site I shot their original photo. Taking photographs from the past as the basis for a script, each person performs himself or herself. This video work is composed by the personal history of people and places that appear when the imageユs メhi keiモ (scene) is staged again.


MusicalFieldsForever (Anders-Petter Andersson, Birgitta Cappelen, Fredrik Olofsson)
Location: Takeshima-kaikan, 1st floor

The name "Orfi" comes from "Or" for origami and "fi" for "field". But Orfi also refers to Orpheus, the father of music in Greek mythology. This device is comprised of a number of wireless transmitters contained within cushions. The audience can bend and fold the cushions in whatever manner they desire. The forms that the audience gives to the cushions are expressed in sound, images, and light and can be modified while the device is in use. The sounds created by the device are also recorded, and can be reconfigured for playback.
Work exhibited from September 19-24, archival exhibition from September 25-28.
Archive exhibition photograph: Orfi, 2007


Michitaka Sakaguchi
Location: Takeshima-kaikan, 2nd floor

The act of tolling bells. Sounds made for silence, light made for darkness. The cessation of judgment
Photograph: Mizukemuri, Butokuden, 2007