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Outline of Biennale

Pouring the vitality of information, science and art into the town of Ogaki, a new stream will spring forth.

The ten-day international art festival, Ogaki Biennale 2008 will be held from September 19 - 28.

Begun in 2004, this third time biennial assumes the theme live stream. A smorgasbord of events including concerts, symposia, workshops and exhibitions of invited artists' works will be centered here in Ogaki, a place that has seen a stream of diverse people, materials and culture.
The new urban scene provided here will channel new life into Ogaki City.


September 19 – 28, 2008
Various sites throughout Ogaki City
Ogaki Event House / Butokuden / Takeshima-kaikan / Suitopia Center /
Downtown Arcade / underpasses and more


live stream

Ogaki is often called the “Water City”; it is the place where Matsuo Basho (famous haiku poet) completed his journey. In the past Ogaki manufactured textiles, but now has entered into the IT industry, and has developed into a city that spins threads of information. In its geography, culture, and its economy, Ogaki is a multilayered crossroads formed by the stream of various people, materials, and forms of information. Therefore for this third biennale we have taken the theme of live stream, representing the people, things, time, intersections, and nature that are intertwined in Ogaki. We would like to take the opportunity to review how these elements come together in this city. Using the technology of IAMAS, we have attempted to elucidate the always changing form of Ogaki's streams. Without stagnating in the lifeless waters of the past, fresh streams must be created; IAMAS must also encourage the flow of those new cultural streams, if only in a small way. In this exhibition we aim to connect these newly forming currents.


General Director
Masahiro Kobayashi
(Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences - IAMAS - Professor)
Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences Professor, and Director of the IAMAS Center for Media Culture. Kobayashi also works as a researcher in physiological art. His studies are focused on the triangular relationship between medicine, art, and philosophy with regards to the “body”; which he applies to the artistic expression in performing arts research and criticism, as well as healthcare and welfare. Kobayashi’s other activities include working as a producer of stage performance art. His main written works include: The Modern Form of Illness Theory (Yamairon no genzaikei), Discourse on Medical Knowledge (I no chi no taiwa), and Clinical Art (Rinshosuru geijutsugaku).

Planning Directors
Yasuhiro Ando (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Professor)
Keiichi Irie (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Professor)
Atsuhito Sekiguchi (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Professor)
Shinjiro Maeda (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor)
Akitsugu Maebayashi (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor)
Masahiro Miwa (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Professor)
Shigeki Yoshida (International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences, Professor)


IAMAS, Gifu Prefecture, Ogaki City, Japan Center for Local Autonomy