Special Exhibition

Product as New Art - 温故地新

Product as New Art - 温故地新

This exhibition features 5 works that question the practicality of the meaning of media. These works include: Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi, "Pa++ern"; Martin Riches and Masahiro Miwa, "The Thinking Machine"; Troy Innocent and Indae Hwang, "Media Creatures"; Annie Wan and Eunsu Kang, "Muybridge Moment (MuMo)"; and Keijiro Sato, "Electronic Raga". Humans have appreciated media since long ago. One might say we have an inherent sense to emotionally respond to media. Through these pieces, the viewer can connect this former sense and the implication of media with present day.

Yokusai Museum


Ogaki was home to Japan's "Da Vinci", Iinuma Yokusai, and here we introduce his botanical research and skilled paintings.