A sewing machine that can embroider digital data.


  • Official name: Innovis SE3800D
  • LL Frame: 260*160mm; L Frame: 180*130mm; M Frame: 100*100mm
  • Creating data

  • Prepare image (jpg, bmp) or vector data (wmf)
  • Using specialize software “Embroidery Pro” in the Studio, configure the thread and sewing method.
  • Items to bring

  • Sewing thread (for embroidery)→ (参考)ウルトラポス
  • adhesive→ 刺しゅう用接着芯L
  • ボビン→ ボビン11.5mm
  • Cloth、felt
  • People that require a sewing needle, marking pin, etc. should bring their own
  • Caution

  • Do not move the embroidery machine while it is still attached.