Machine tool that, using 3D data, cuts wooden materials and resin at high precision with an edged tool spinning at high speeds. Can cut chemical wood, resins such as modeling wax (metals are not included), and circuit boards for handicrafts.


<li>Official name: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">monoFab SRM-20</a></li>
<li>XYZ stroke: 152.4L*203.2W*60.5Hmm</li>

Creating data

<li>Create data using 3D modeling software</li>
<li>Write out in stl file</li>
<li>Using specialized software “MODELA Player 4” and “VPanel for SRM-20” in the Studio, configure the edged tool and processing method</li>

Items to bring

<li>Edged tool for cutting</li>
<li>Double sided tape</li>


<li>After using, use vacuum and brush to clean off dust</li>
<li>Garbage in the vacuum must be put in the garbage bin</li>