Machine tool that, using 2D and 3D data, cuts large wooden materials, etc. with an edged tool spinning at high speeds. Compared to other digital machining tools, set up before using it and clean up takes time. People that plan to use this machine should allow for enough time in their schedule before using.


<li>Official name: <a href="" target="_blank">ShopBot PRSalpha96-48</a></li>
<li>Largest processing size: 2438L*1520W*150Hmm</li>
<li>Drill bit: 1/4 inch</li>

Creating data

<li>Create vector or CAD data</li>
<li>Create processing settings with the VCarve-pro on the PC in the Studio</li>


<li>Check if there is anything burnt or stuck on the edges</li>
<li>Carefully use the vacuum on the processing space</li>
<li>Throw the contents of the dust collector bag into the garbage bin</li>
<li> If the garbage bin becomes full, bring the bag to the garbage collection area</li>
<li>Spread grease on the X and Y axes and check the bolts to see if they are tight or not (once a month)</li>

Disposal of leftover materials

<li>Users should take home any necessary leftover materials</li>
<li>Leftover materials to be thrown out should be cut into smaller pieces in the woodworking room and thrown into the leftover materials bin</li>