Operating instructions for UNIVERSAL

Printing from CorelDRAW

  • Right click on file → “Open with program” → Choose “CorelDRAW”Right click on file → “Open with program” → Choose “CorelDRAW”
  • For the pop-up, choose “curved line”
  • Except for the layer that you will print, you need to click the “Print/do not print” printer icon and set everything up
  • From Properties → Confirm color and width of line with the “Pen icon” at the bottom right of the screen
  • スライド18

  • Go to “File” on the Menu Bar, and click “Print”
  • スライド19

  • Confirm if the designated X is “VLS2.30”
  • Click “Properties”
  • スライド20

    Settings for materials with specialized software

  • Select the “Material Database” tab on the left side of the screen
  • スライド21

  • Select material from “Category”
  • Select thickness and materials → if not available it will be necessary to create the setting, so please consult the staff
  • Once finished with selection, select “Manual Control”
  • スライド22

  • Confirm that the “Z-Axis” column is “OFF” → If it is ON, the table will operate on the set thickness, but at present, this function is not used.
  • When “ON”, put the processing settings into selection mode, and set the A area on the screen to “OFF” → Click the “Set” → “Apply” → “OK”
  • スライド23

  • After pressing the “Print” button, click the “ULS” button at the lower right side of the monitor to move to the ULS screen
  • スライド24

  • Press the “Power” button at the top right of the screen and turn the processing machine
  • スライド25

    Setting focus point for processing machine

    !WARNING!Do not consecutively press the lift button for the processing machine! The machine will start to move quickly and be unable to stop, and doing so will be cause for malfunctions

  • Place materials on the metal fittings of the table
  • Confirm that the materials and the lighting head aren’t touching, and move the head over the materials using the “Focus View” mode
  • Position the jig, and adjust the height using the table’s lift button
  • You can also raise the table by using the button on the ULS screen
  • スライド26

  • Make sure to completely close the lid of the operation area → If not shut properly, it will touch parts of the processing machine
  • However, if you put too much stress on the processing rails, they will bend, so please be careful of that
  • スライド27

    Confirming processing position & material position

  • Select “Focus View” from the pull-down menu on the USL screen
  • Set the cursor to the position of the processing data, click, and the head will move
  • スライド28

  • When moving the processing data, select “Relocate View”
  • You may either drag & drop the data to your desired location, or you may input coordinates
  • スライド29

    Turn on Air Assist & Dust Collector

  • Turn on the power to the Air Assist on the desk for the PC monitor
  • Turn the on the power to the Dust Collector
  • スライド30

    Start Processing

  • Press the “Start” button for the ULS, and begin processing
  • If, during processing, the materials start burning, etc., open the lid to the processing machine, do a “force-quit” and put out the flame
  • When you must stop for whatever reason, use the temporary stop button → There are instances when the machine does not recover
  • スライド31

    Remove items and clean

    Cleaning method (a write-up will be written at a later date)