Operating instructions for trotec

Printing from CorelDRAW

  • Right click on file → “Open with program” → Choose “CorelDRAW”
  • For the pop-up, choose “curved line”
  • Except for the layer that you will print, you need to click the “Print/do not print” printer icon and set everything up
  • スライド18

  • Set the document size to a size 2~3mm bigger than the processing data
  • When you want to process at a fixed position on the processing material, you can set it to the actual size of the materials to be cut out
  • When setting the document size, you should undo selection of an object → Object size will be changed
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  • Go to “File” on the Menu Bar, and click “Print”
  • スライド36

  • Click “Environment settings”
  • スライド37

    Settings for materials with specialized software

  • Input the set document size
  • Select settings for materials and thickness
  • Confirm if image is black/white, and whether trotec can be read
  • Press “JC” button, and send data to JobControl
  • スライド38

  • Click print button
  • スライド39

  • Input job name
  • Input a name that is longer than 3 half-width characters
  • Leave job number as it is
  • When the “JC” icon at the bottom of the screen turns yellow, click it and you will move to “JobControl”
  • スライド40

    Setting focus point for processing machine

  • Place materials on the honeycomb table
  • Position the jig, and adjust the table height
  • As the table gets closer to the jig, make sure not to press and hold the button
  • ※When placing a material on the black rack that is too big, make sure to place a 2mm piece of acryl between the material and the table
  • スライド41

    Confirming processing position & material position

  • Drag & drop your job from the “Job List” on the JobControl screen to the processing area
  • スライド42

    Other methods

  • When starting from the upper left starting point → Double click the file name on the list
  • When starting from the position lighted on the materials → Decide the position on the processing machine, and drag & drop the crosshair on the JC
  • Method for fixing coordinate position → Put the data into selective condition, and input the coordinates into the JC screen
  • スライド43

  • Display data with the “Job transmission button”
  • Move the crosshair key for the processing machine, and confirm position
  • スライド44

    Start processing

  • Start the fan on the right edge, press the start button on the left side, and start processing
  • スライド45

  • [When re-processing using the same processing data]
  • Right click data → “Restart job”
  • スライド46

  • Order of the items in the Dust Collector (This may change depending on the season and materials to be processed)
  • When the filter has become clogged, it is necessary to change the second tissue
  • If the percentage does not go down, please consult the staff
  • スクリーンショット 2016-07-14 13.23.36


    Remove items and clean

    A link to a write-up will be posted at a later date