There will be film screenings at the plaza on the bridge midway
at Ekimae-dori. Videos from various time periods in Ogaki will be
projected on specially set-up screens, contrasting with the real everyday scenery of the town.

Outdoor Screening


Regional Video Downtown Screening

Oct 7 (Sat), 8 (Sun) and October 13 (Fri), 14 (Sat)
18: 00- 19: 30

Sankaku Square, Shin-Ohashi, Ekimaedori Road (cancelled in the case of rain)
Outdoor screening at Shin-Ohashi Bridge Sankaku Square, realized in collaboration between the non-profit organization Digital Archive Alliance (DAJA) and IAMAS. The program consists of "iamas TV", a TV program themed on Ogaki and its people broadcast on Ogaki Cable TV, as well as old and new video works submitted by citizens.

DAJA: DAJA: Established in 1999 and became a registered NPO in 2002. Organizes events focusing on communal development through video culture, and museum promotion.

Date: 2006.09.13 5:55 AM |