Director, invited artists and general participants have an
opportunity to talk with each other.



Oct 7 (Sat) 15: 15 - 17: 00
Softopia Japan Center Building, Seminar Hall
Following the IAMAS 10 Year Anniversary Ceremony will be a symposium with directors Hiroshi Yoshioka and Gunalan Nadarajan joined by art producer Hisako Hara. They will discuss the objective and meaning of this year’s Biennale and the submitting artists and their works. (Registration not required)

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Artist Talk
Oct 9 (Mon/Holiday) 13: 00 - 15: 00
An artist talk by guest artists. The talk will use artworks to discuss differences in each country's social and cultural backgrounds and the current situation of media and media art. This will be an opportunity for artists and visitors to get on friendly terms. (Registration not required)

Anniversary Lecture and Talk (Closing Event)
Oct 15 (Sun) 17: 00 - 19: 00
A lecture by renowned parasite researcher Koichiro Fujita followed by a talk joined by Director Hiroshi Yoshioka. (Registration not required)

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Hisako Hara
Professor of Multi-Intelligence, Osaka Electro-Communication University. Involved in many art events in the capacity of art producer and curator such as Roppongi Crossing Exhibition ('04 Mori Art Museum) and Move on Asia 2006: Screenings around Japan ('05, '06 Tokyo Wonder Site, etc.). Writes articles on contemporary art for websites and newspapers and magazines such as Nihon Keizai Shimbun, AERA, BT (Bijutsu techo), ART iT, and STUDIO VOICE.

Koichiro Fujita
Professor of Human Sciences, University of Human Arts and Sciences. Honorary professor at Tokyo Medical and Dental University. Specialization includes parasitology, tropical medicine and infection immunity. Winner of the Japanese Society of Parasitology Award, Japanese Culture Promotion Society Social Cultural Achievement Award and the International Culture Honor Award.

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