iamas in tokyo

Akitsugu Maebayashi (Artist)
Presents works as a medium for hands-on experience with a focus on sound and hearing as a contact point between environment and body, primarily in works such as Audible Distance, Sonic Interface, [I/O] distant place.
Body and Media
When media technology intervenes at the nexus of physical senses and phenomena—such as touch and vibration, hearing and sound, vision and light—how is the body or the world transformed? Works sharing questions of this kind compose the theme of Body and Media. Each work actively uses interaction and interference generated on the interface of world and body through media, transmitting to the viewer the problems and potential of the body as a "perceptual experience." Through experiencing these works I hope an experiential base will broaden for the creation of a new world image.

Sonic Interface | 1999-2007 | Akitsugu Maebayashi
Sonic Interface is a portable hearing device that is made from headphones, microphones, and a laptop computer. The participant is invited to walk around the city, and experiences modified sonic environments processed in real-time from the sounds it picks up. Three different stages generated by the software program influence and question our sense of space and time.

Watashi-chan | 2000-2006 | Tomoko Ueyama
"Watashi-chan" is a clothes to be seen invisible sounds around a space.
The clothes is sticked some balloons out it self.
When a sound comes out in the space, immediately a balloons which a part of "Watashi-chan" swells out.

Optical Interface | 2004, 2007 | Karada aka-gumi, Masayuki Akamatsu
In Optical Interface, visitors could witness how a computer processed images they recorded with a head mounted camera. Focusing on the spatial and temporal shifts between reality and displayed picture, the work aims to create a sensation of disconnection of body and mind.

In the Ima-karada exhibition seven themes are established in seven areas. The areas are coordinated by seven faculty members with different backgrounds.