iamas in tokyo

Shinjiro Maeda (Video Artist)
Main works include On (2000, Hong Kong International Film Festival) and hibi 13 full moons (2005, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival). Current supervisor of the DVD label SOL CHORD.

Meditation Media
The foundation of meditation is respiration. Respiration rhythm can be consciously controlled, but even without a conscious effort it will not stop. This sort of peculiarity is a door to the unconscious. I can sense something similar when looking at live action images such as photography, television and film. A different mental state from viewing paintings and animation, characters and symbols, or real scenery is involved in such media. That is in the dual sense - by attempting to immerse oneself in the image world, one simultaneously recognizes its artificiality. This century's live image expression has been produced as a media for accessing the core of viewers' bodies.

On 01 | 2001 | Shinjiro Maeda
In this work 30 still-frames continuously display over the period of one second,producing a moving image. On, a video work I produced previously, was 72 minutes therefore including more than 120,000 still images. In this work I was struck with the idea of investigating the brightness of each image respectively, and I wanted to view the darkest frame to the lightest frame lined up in order.

sight seeing spot | 2007 | Kenichi Hagihara
This video portrait draws attention to people who want to capture the ideal self-image in the ritual of taking photographs. I went around to famous sightseeing areas, and recorded with high precision the appearances of visitors who confronted themselves. In the exhibition space this work’s purpose is to completely match the gaze of watching yourself, the photographic subject, with the gaze of the viewer.

A planet | 2001-2007 | Atsuko Uda
A planet is an interactive cinema installation work. Insyead of using a computer mouse turning the original device handle controls two video playback speeds.

Time Machine! | 2002-2007 | Masayuki Akamatsu
Time Machine! is a work wherein time is freely manipulated through video. The viewers' themselves appear in the video, and using the controls they can command time. Within the time passing moment by moment, viewers experience the enigmatic sensation of ruminating upon time and their own existence.

A Piece of Sunsession #02 | 2001 | Masakazu Saito
In this work automatic editing is performed by a program, which produces a sense of distance from the video and a collision of unpredictable cuts. In this clash and distance, the mixture of moving and still images form a rhythm creating a unique immersive space.

In the Ima-karada exhibition seven themes are established in seven areas. The areas are coordinated by seven faculty members with different backgrounds.