iamas in tokyo

Hideyuki Oda (Artist)
Largely produces paintings. From the 90's, began creating surface artworks and animation using CG, presenting primarily in Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo museums and galleries.

Things to see, things to show
In this time of widescreen, high-precision televisions, where video overflows Internet screens and one can take video and music anywhere anytime with handsets and iPods, the things to see have expanded—and yet there are people who vainly create animation, just another medium of expression taken for granted. On the other hand, there are also those who make full use of CG technology, carving out a new field that may revolutionize tomorrow's video expression. Regardless that "things to see" are becoming more lightweight, they are immersed in our expression and we will introduce works at IAMAS that stoically pursue technological advances while continually contributing to "things to see, things to show."

iamasTV remix | iamasTV project
iamasTV is a project begun in 1998 as a monthly fifteen-minute television program on Ogaki cable television and starting in 1999 it was also broadcast by CCN (Gifu City). Through it inventive TV programming is created, freely directed by students. The collection of 75 programs produced over the course of the project now have been remixed for screening.

Drawing Animation Selection
refreshed | 2007 | Ayako Ide
"Bad memories last longer than good memories and I don't like it. I want to live happily by refreshing them all...or maybe not." This is a very simple animation about my little contradiction.

Drawing Animation Selection
LEE ZO | 2007 | ALIMO
This work is an animation tableau drawn with poetry and humor; these "pictures" with the theme of the Bosnian War create a story, repeating the action of drawing on one canvas.

Drawing Animation Selection
botobotoboto | 2007 | Tsumugi Harunari
Things from inside come out of a hole that was left behind. Things that you know and things that you don't know come out, come out.

Drawing Animation Selection
unsan-musyo | 2006 | Takahiro Hayakawa /Kaoru Izumi (music)
This is a high resolution animation work produced based on Kaoru Izumi's music, Tsutsumareru jikan. Considering high-definition's characteristic ability to clearly display lines, I attempted modeling through an accumulation of drawing animation "lines".

Drawing Animation Selection
toiretsuto | 2007 | Teiichi Kato
In this work drawing concerns changes of men placed in irrational circumstances within the unique space of the toilet. Everyday items such as copy paper and mechanical pencils are used to make the pictures.

Technical CG Selection
Hao Hao | 2004 | Ichitaro Masuda
This is a drawing program explanation video composed by the interaction of objects called Hao Hao.

Technical CG Selection
Real Time Rendering | 2006 | Yoshihisa Okano
The graphics card (GPU) in PC is becoming high speed general purpose parallel processing unit. That exceeds the true purpose displaying images to PC's monitor. Using GPU technology in caluculating objects animation and visual effects(these has high calculating costs), this work realizes Real Time Computer Graphics Images.

Technical CG Selection
HDR Movie Project | 2007 | Reona Ogura/ Jun Imura/ Masao Takakuwa
This work used a technique of acquiring global illumination as an animation map using an imaginary mirror ball, mapping HDR textures on background objects.

Technical CG Selection
PAINT EFFECTS AND DYNAMICS | 2007 | Hiromi Imamura
The production of outdoor landscapes using mostly Maya, Paint Effects and Dynamics functions.

In the Ima-karada exhibition seven themes are established in seven areas. The areas are coordinated by seven faculty members with different backgrounds.