iamas in tokyo

At the IAMAS Information Booth publications such as the Graduate Exhibition Catalogue, international exhibition documentary films such as Ogaki Biennale, and IAMAS Artist in Residence activities will be introduced. Additionally, a Q&A table for perspective students will be setup and IAMAS faculty will be available to answer questions about the school entrance examination and student life.

IAMAS Prints
Exhibits of artworks dealing with printed media, such as student made publications, a yearly volunteer-produced exhibition catalogue, and an annual featuring the events over the past year.

IAMAS Exhibitions
Exhibitions that IAMAS has hosted, including the Ars Electronica 2004 Campus Exhibition and Ogaki Biennale, as introduced through archival videos and catalogues.

Q&A Counter for Prospective Students
IAMAS faculty will offer onsite advice for prospective students. IAMAS faculty will field questions regarding IAMAS activities, specialized areas for each studio and course, and student life.

IAMAS Artist in Residence
An introduction to the IAMAS Artist in Residence activities accompanied by the works of current resident artist, Jasper van den Brink (Netherlands)

In the Ima-karada exhibition seven themes are established in seven areas. The areas are coordinated by seven faculty members with different backgrounds.