iamas in tokyo

Kouji Yamada (Engineer)
Main research involves image processing and recognition. Other research includes generating the blurring and running of brushstroke fonts and the application of IPv6. Current research pertains to uses of networks and new forms of networks.

Technological Perspective
Works and research activities at IAMAS are supported by achievements of sciences and engineering technologies. These productions are not only created by new methods of using already existing technology, they adopt new representation methods and research new technology. In addition they are quite far-reaching, seeking to have uses that serve society. Herein lies the intersection of productions of sociality and corporeality, and this exhibit highlights and introduces these technological aspects. Please take this opportunity to experience another unique side of IAMAS.

Customized Screen Keyboard | 2007 | Hiroshi Ozeki
Computers are tools for communication. Yet, for users who have difficulty inputting characters, the current keyboard devices make it difficult to communicate. I realized a screen keyboard whose arrangement of buttons could be customized so that many people could use computers with ease.

Computer Simulation of "moids" Sound Generation, Based on Reciprocal Action | 2007 | Kazuki Saita
Each part of moids is made with an extremely simple mechanism. When these are combined and seen as one, an unimaginably strange sound pattern is created. I researched into engineering approaches; this pattern generation uses modeling and simulation.

Jizurakun | 2007 | Tomoya Shinoda
This work is an attempt at creating a character-specialized graphic transformation system through mathematical methods. It pursues new forms of characters by making the contour data of characters flexible, which have been statically saved as fonts. In this way, an environment is offered that allows even the general user to actively engage in characters themselves.

probe×globe - Education Instrument using Performing Arts- | 2006 | Hiroshi Suzuki
This work allows one to search which areas of the world diverse dances and music come from. The process of this search stimulates children's curiosity and spirit of inquiry, in the aim that they can learn about the world while having fun.

In the Ima-karada exhibition seven themes are established in seven areas. The areas are coordinated by seven faculty members with different backgrounds.