iamas in tokyo

Masahiko Furukata (Media Designer)
Main works include software motionExpress (2005) and National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation Website deep_science (2006). He was also certified an Information-technology Promotion Agency "Genius Programmer / Super Creator" in 2005.

Recent media is complex. It is deeply infiltrated by the present new technologies of well-developed network infrastructures and advancing computer functions. In turn, the barriers of traditional media are disappearing and their aspects are becoming scrambled.
However, just because media is progressing does not mean that humans are evolving along with it. For this very reason, it is important to limit the complication of media functions ourselves, and communicate with clarity on the concept of representers of aesthetics. In this exhibition I am introducing works with the theme of communication with "clarity," both consciously and unconsciously.

motionExpress | 2005-2007 | Masahiko Furukata
motionExpress is a programming language that controls the movement of objects on a computer screen. It is an intuitive programming language created for creators and people learning programming as an environment to easily program moving objects that we identify with.

fragments 2/4 | 2005 | Jun Watanabe
The common symbols of sound change from information into communication through the real-time exchange of conversation.

Beeee! | 2007 | Yoshimori Yoshikawa
This is a user participatory work themed on "Beeee Tamakorogashi" (tamakorogashi is a game where participants race balls through a course). Using various modules you can assemble your own course, and it is possible to publish the course you make on the web. There are also opportunities for comments and ranking, so if there is a course you like, please contact me with your impressions.

mikumarine Ver.3 | 2007 | Emiko Kashiwagi
This faucet installation is themed on onomatopoeia. Turn the faucet and its shadow will spurt a stream of words. Reach out under the faucet and the stream will splash. From the letters, try to imagine their actual sounds.

TE-gital OEKAKI | 2007 | Academy DIT Course 2nd year
This workshop is designed for participants to experience the manual mechanics of computer screen display. Participants encode a picture they have drawn using simple rules and go through the sequential process of reforming the image. The recording of a children's workshop and a kit that can be partially interacted with will be exhibited.

In the Ima-karada exhibition seven themes are established in seven areas. The areas are coordinated by seven faculty members with different backgrounds.