iamas in tokyo

James Gibson (Designer / Artist)
Previously, working as Senior Designer at Sony Design Centre Europe, responsible for a number of commercial products as well as being involved with core research and development projects throughout Sony worldwide, and as Service Designer at live|work Service Innovation & Design agency in London.

Motivation and Value - Scarcity is a commodity, the rarer something is the more valuable it becomes. What happens to value when everything is downloadable? You have to question the motivation for creating something or the motivation for valuing something.
Value and Uniqueness - Value can be found in a process, different artists can pick up the same tool, be it a pen, or a computer and create very different outcomes. How do we judge whether the outcome is of value or unique? Do we look at the tools or process, whether the artist made his own tools or devised his own process. Is the outcome truly unique when the means used to create it are unique, and does that create value?
Uniqueness and Art - Uniqueness alone doesn't create good art, it requires the ability of the artist to control his tools, to conceive and perceive new thoughts, and then present them to us. He also must not be swayed by the cultural rush for the latest trend. If this is the case then it is questionable whether the outcome can be considered art or hold any long term value.
The works I've selected for this exhibition simply stimulate me. I value them, the process used to create them, and the thought behind the means.

Untitled ink dots | 2007 | James Gibson

Prepared Radios | 2006 | Ryota Kuwakubo
Prepared Radios are handmade and programmed to extract only consonant sounds from the broadcasts. All meaning and information is removed, only breath remains: a human essence.

Life collage | 2007 | Nobuyuki Yamamoto
Life collage is a work themed upon daily happenings and recollections. Sights viewed in various places are expressed through collaging of photographs and video taken as well as drawings. Things that you are usually unconcerned with and quickly forget about become invaluable through careful attention to their form.

Gangu Project - Sketches & Prototypes
Mountain Guitar | 2007 | Junichi Kanebako
Can you play an instrument? Have you ever thought you would like to perform an instrument? Mountain Guitar makes this dream of your's come true. Welcome to the world of new musical expression where your whole body can play sounds!!

Gangu Project - Sketches & Prototypes
Mr. Rolling | 2007 | Sunao Hiruta
Mr. Rolling incorporates digital technology into toys with traditional analog features as a concept, producing an electronic toy that merges the appeals of both analog and digital.

In the Ima-karada exhibition seven themes are established in seven areas. The areas are coordinated by seven faculty members with different backgrounds.