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Extreme Biologies

We find ourselves in an era marked by the convergence of biotechnological advances and human culture, a convergence that propels us into uncharted territories. The familiar Darwinian narrative, with its emphasis on biological evolution as the primary driver of change, now gives way to a narrative shaped by the currents of cultural values. We are navigating a “post-Darwinian era,” a landscape where the evolution of life is steered not only by the forces of biology but by the intricate interplay of ideas, beliefs, and human agency. In the wake of the paradigmatic shift towards a “post-Darwinian era”, this project will explore the role of media art in relation to questions of evolution, ecology, global warming, pollution, co-existence, biotechnology and the presence of what we might term “extreme biologies.” This exploration seeks not only to understand but to actively engage with the evolving nature of life on Earth. It is an acknowledgment of the agency of culture and technology in shaping the trajectory of evolution, a recognition that cultural values, ideologies, and technological innovations are active players in the evolutionary game.


研究代表者: ホアン・マヌエル・カストロ
研究分担者: 前林 明次


The objective is to explore the entanglements of biotechnology and cultural values in shaping the post-Darwinian narrative; to examine the implications of these entanglements on evolution and ecology; to foster interdisciplinary collaborations between artists, scientists, and philosophers in order to generate novel insights into the evolving nature of life; and to map out how the influence of biotechnology and cultural values might sculpt the evolutionary trajectory of life on Earth.

Initially, this project is planned to span over 24 months, with phases dedicated to research, collaborative activities, artistic production, and dissemination of findings. It is expected to obtain a collection of artworks reflecting the entanglements of biotechnology, culture, and evolution; as well as academic publications and presentations showcasing insights derived from interdisciplinary collaborations.


2024年 - 現在