Message from the President


Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences
President Shigeki Yoshida

In 1996, IAMAS was founded as a “media arts school.” Since then, IAMAS has steadily become acknowledged by society, and the range of its activities has broadened along with the changes of the times. As the President of IAMAS, I would like to rethink the role the school should fulfill in society, as well as its significance.

Although IAMAS is a school of “media expression,” people with diverse backgrounds, such as art, design and engineering, have come to IAMAS and continued their activities while interacting and collaborating with one another. Why is it that, even though people of different fields are working together, the activities at IAMAS have continued so successfully to this very date? I believe it is because of two reasons. The first is that, while everyone’s means of expression may be different, at heart we all share the desire to explore how people as the human entity ought to be. The second is that we all want to pursue that significance in our relationship with society. As a background of my thought, I should note that we commonly share the media environment that we are living in a technologically advanced society. A basic assumption is that at IAMAS, it is possible to develop various media expressions because IAMAS uniquely could connect the desires of experts from various fields, and proceed in one direction.

However, people’s preconceived ideas, as well as their social circumstances, have changed dramatically due to 9.11, 3.11 and the like. Now, we are at a large turning point where we must deeply reconsider the recognition of the significance of media expression in modern society. I believe that we must rethink how a technologically advanced society based upon energy supply should be, and we must think more on what we can do for the future.

In such an age as this, IAMAS is capable of exploring how “new episteme” – which is born from people that specialize in different areas deeply interacting with others in various situations, from daily life to advanced media expressions – should be. IAMAS is a small organization that is active in a regional society. And it is precisely because of this that, in our modern society, IAMAS must provide a definite existence for how “new episteme” should be and continue to be a valuable place where that can be implemented.