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At the Department of Media Creation we engage in theoretical and practical work with the goal of combining scientific knowledge and artistic sensibility. As we strive to educate high-level creators who will find inventive ways to forge ahead to a new future society, we will contribute to cultural progress and regional development.
Our graduate school offers both Master's and Doctoral programs, as well as a Research Student Program before and after the Master's program.

The three distinctive characteristics of education and research at IAMAS are: Projects, media art research that students and faculty members perform as a group and implement in society; team-teaching in which faculty members from different disciplines lead classes together; and an original curriculum where students learn both specialized and general knowledge and techniques.

IAMAS' 3 Curriculums


Projects: Practical Research in Society

This is a place where we collaborate with other universities, businesses, and political organizations to implement media research in society and share the results of that research. Students and faculty work together to produce advanced, unique results.


Team-teaching by Professors from Different Fields

To help students acquire the power to create new forms of culture, faculty members from different disciplines guide students as they solve problems related to practical, interdisciplinary research that will help them systematically acquire specialized knowledge and ability.


Learning both Specialized and General Knowledge and Techniques

With the goal of educating students in this knowledge and these techniques both specialized and general, we hold high-level classes that properly combine lecture, training, and hands-on experience.