Who can apply?

Research student applicants must have graduated from university or be recognized by IAMAS as having academic ability equal to or greater than that of a university graduate.

When can research students start school?

The beginning of the school year or of a semester.

Application Requirements

To apply, send us the documents below along with the examination fee two months before you wish to begin your studies at IAMAS. You need to send:

  1. 1) Research Student Enrollment Application
  2. 2) Research Plan
  3. 3) Proof of graduation and transcript from the last school you attended.
  4. 4) Any other documents the IAMAS president deems necessary.

Additionally, applicants who are currently employed (including those working for the government) must submit the following documents.

  1. 1) Written agreement affirming the applicant is applying to be a research student to engage in personal reserearch.
  2. 2) Written agreement from your work supervisor affirming that you are not applying to be a research student as part of a work-related project.
  3. 3) Written agreement from your work supervisor affirming your workplace consents to you enrolling in IAMAS as a research student while working for them.

Entrance Fee

Those from outside Gifu prefecture: 101,500 yen
Residents of Gifu prefecture: 67,700 yen

School Fees

29,700 yen per month


IAMAS Academic Office
4-1-7 Kagano, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-0006

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