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Job Offers

If you have a job offer for our students, please contact us using the form below.

Employment of Graduates

Many graduates find employment in new educational and cultural institutions. Other career paths after graduation include IT-related companies, designers, programmers, artists, corporations, and doctoral programs.

Collaborations between Industry, Schools, and Government / Discussions about Local Collaboration

At IAMAS, as we deepen our research into local culture and our information science, we contribute to the local community with the results of our collaborative research. We do this by cooperating with businesses, local government, cultural / research organizations, NPO's, and other organizations. As an organization attached to IAMAS, the Research Center for Industrial Culture supports the establishment of research agreements starting with discussions about collaboration, coordinating with faculty and the Projects.

Guest Researcher System

Our guest researcher system was established in order to contribute to the development of academic research at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences by accepting academic researchers to our school.

Journal / Collaboration Reports

We are publishing records of our research activities. These include the "Journal," in which papers and research notes are printed, and booklets in which the results of Project activities are compiled.