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Now, with society on the cusp of major changes due to globalization, we need to reconfigure our social systems, applying innovation with the power to change our values. As IAMAS we look at the many trends in our ever-transforming society, striving to deepen the level of our research, the goal of which is to combine scientific knowledge with artistic sensibility. As we do this, we develop our educational methods to give our students the universally applicable knowledge and power that will help them boldly go into the future. To achieve this, IAMAS is striving to meet the following goals:

IAMAS’ 5 Goals


Educate outstanding students with the power to make it on their own.

As a pioneering institution in the field of media creation education, IAMAS provides stimulating instruction through the interaction between specialists of diverse backgrounds. Based on the ideals of scientific knowledge combined with artistic sensibility, we will further promote applied activities that deepen and give concreteness to student research.


Promote cutting-edge research.

At IAMAS, our students and faculty perform world-class research in art, design, engineering, and communication. Based on the results of this research, IAMAS aims not to simply respond to society’s expectations, but also to propose new forms of knowledge and scholarship as a hub of learning.


Gather the power of graduates active both domestically and abroad.

To help IAMAS’ culture and assets to take root nationally and overseas, we will strengthen the network of IAMAS graduates, partners, and supporters, creating partnerships and scientific associations in order to promote scholarship and community development.


Educate the next generation of leaders to drive innovation.

In order to create a new future society, we need to educate the next generation of leaders to drive innovation. At IAMAS, we are working to strengthen our collaboration with the government and industry, cultivating flexible thinking and strong human resources with an eye on improving our educational program for and promoting the enrollment of businesspeople and those with work experience.


Develop and create value for local communities.

Centered around IAMAS’ Research Center for Industrial Culture (RCIC), we contribute to regional culture and industry while linking with Gifu Prefecture’s policy initiatives. As we aggregate and apply the results of our cutting-edge research as a hub of knowledge for the region, we will expand the scope of our activities and create mechanisms for generating further value for the region.