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The student dormitories (RIST)

The student dormitories (RIST) were established by Gifu Prefecture so that students can study with peace of mind. Located about .7 km from the Ogaki JR train station and about 1.1 km from IAMAS. The dormitories have one room studio apartments, making an accessible and affordable living environment for students.
In addition, from 2024 there are plans to gradually move students from RIST into the Sopia Flats, a prefectural housing complex adjacent to the university.
Please see more details here.

Facilities found in the room

Bath, toilet, washroom, kitchen (sink, electric stove), bed (under bed storage), closet, air conditioner, lights, balcony (including a place to dry clothes), curtains

  • Gas cooking and heating are not available due to the all-electric system.
  • Currently, the intercom does not function properly, and at the moment there is no plan for it to be repaired.
Shared facilities

Parking area (free), parking area for bicycles and motorbikes, conversation space

Student dormitory fees (price of a room) 22,800 yen per month
Neighborhood association fee 35,000 yen per year
  • Electric, gas and water are dependent on use (electric and water are separate contracts)
  • Student dormitory fees and community association fees are subject to change.
Tenant qualifications

You must meet the following requirements

  • Be a student or research student at IAMAS, or be taking classes or special lecture courses at IAMAS
  • Be able to live alone
  • If there are more applicants than available rooms, the rooms will be assigned via a selection lottery.
Length of stay

As a general rule, first year students in the Master’s Course and second-year students in the Doctoral Course may apply for up to two years, first-year students in the Doctoral Course may apply for up to three years. All other students may apply for up to one year.

  • Furthermore, in the event that you are on break from school, you can not live in the dormitory.
For inquiries, please contact

Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences Academic Office

Rental Apartments - Sopia Flats

The Sopia Flats are safe, calm, and comfortable apartments in the Softopia Japan area. They are located from the 8th to the 10th floor of IAMAS’ Workshop 24 school building, making these flats a convenient and easy location to come and go to from the student environment.

Facilities in the flat

Bathroom, toilet, kitchen (sink and gas stove), bed, closet, air conditioning, lighting fixtures, washing machine space, curtains, balcony

Shared facilities

Automated locking system, motorcycle and bicycle parking space

Boarding Expenses
Fee for permission to use
the administrative property (rent)
29,000 yen per month
Commons admin fee 4,000 yen per month
  • Light, heating, water, and gas utility costs are their own separate contracts and are dependent on use.
  • The rent and the commons admin fee are subject to change.
Tenant qualifications

For those who fall under the following conditions

  • A student, research student, credited auditor, special attending student, etc. of the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences
  • Be able to live alone
  • When the number of people who want to move into the flats exceeds room availability, the tenants will be chosen via lottery.
  • In principle those who own a car should please select RIST as the dorm to move into.
Length of stay

As a general rule, the first year master’s students and second year doctorate students can apply to stay for 2 years, and first year doctorate students can apply for 3 years. Other students can apply for up to 1 year.

  • In the event a student takes leave from the school, then they will have to move out.
For inquiries, please contact

The Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences General Affairs Division
TEL:0584-75-6600(Weekdays 8:30〜18:15)