The Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) is a graduate school established by Gifu Prefecture in 2001. Our goal: to contribute to the progress of academic culture and the promotion of the region. IAMAS’ faculty engages in scholarship that combines scientific knowledge with artistic sensibility while striving to educate high-level creators who will plumb the depths of this combination and find inventive ways to improve society.

IAMAS offers a single graduate course in Media Creation that takes an average of two years to complete. The number of applicants per year is limited to 20 students.

With 19 accomplished professors teaching a select number of students, IAMAS has earned a global reputation. Our graduates are active on the cutting-edge of fields like media, culture, art, design, industry, research, and education.

The following are characteristics unique to IAMAS research and education program:

  1. Team-teaching conducted by faculty from far-ranging fields.
  2. A syncretic curriculum where students acquire both specialized and comprehensive knowledge and techniques.
  3. Project courses, in which both instructors and students work as a group to apply media creation research to society at large.

At IAMAS we are looking for:

  1. Trailblazers who want to engage in interdisciplinary pursuits while using the knowledge they have acquired in their field of specialization.
  2. Designers with a desire to transform the shape of our information society.
  3. Inventors who seek to reevaluate the relationship between individuals and society in order to create next-generation industries.
  4. Creators who aim to help shape future cultural development and artistic expression.
  5. Innovators who want to help bring about a more enlightened society and change the way we relate to information and communication.

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