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Important information regarding the entrance examination (Updated as of January 4, 2024)

The application guidelines for the entrance examination to be held in the academic year 2023 are now available. Please check the application guideline for the Master’s Program and the Doctoral Program.

School Guide Pamphlet

The university brochure is now available.It consists of two volumes, “IAMAS SCHOOL GUIDE” and “IAMAS Interviews”.
(PDF only, Japanese only)

School Guide Pamphlet


Application for Faculty Interviews and Facility Tours

Online or in-person meetings with faculty and facility tours are always available for prospective students and those interested in learning more about IAMAS. If you would like to schedule a meeting or a tour of our facilities, please fill out the form below. Please be aware that face-to-face meetings and facility tours will not be available in the area you currently reside in or Gifu Prefecture is designated as being in a state of emergency. In addition, no in-person or online meetings will be available from the start of the application process until the announcement of acceptance.

School Tour Application

Application Form

Interviews for Master’s and Research Students

Interview Application Form

Doctoral Program (Doctoral)

Interview Application Form


Master’s Program

Recommendation Entrance Exam

This entrance examination is for students who can be recommended by a person who knows them well, such as a professor of their school. Someone who can attest to their excellence in both academics and in character. This entrance examination is for those who can guarantee their enrolment if accepted.
For the 2023 school year, the exam will be held on Saturday, June 24, 2023.

General Entrance Examination

In the 2023 academic year, the general entrance examination will be held on October 7, 2023 (Saturday) for the first session and on February 3, 2024 (Saturday) for the second session. Please refer to the “Application Guidelines for the Master’s Program (Recommendation Entrance Exam)” for the schedule including the submission period of application documents and past examination questions.

Intensive Course for Persons with Work Experience

This course is designed for people who have achievements in producing artworks or social activities, or who are involved in pioneering research and development in the working world. On the premise that these achievements will be used as the basis for research at IAMAS, this course is designed to condense the normally two-year master’s program into a one-year curriculum.

Application Guidelines
(Master’s Program)

About the Intensive Course for Persons with Work Experience 

Masters research/Publication of Master’s thesis

Presenting the results of IAMAS students’ master’s research and projects in photos and text, at the IAMAS Annual. We also publish a catalog of past master’s exhibitions in PDF format through IAMAS BOOKS.


Doctoral Program

As of 2021, we started our Doctoral Program. The program only allows 3 students per school year, with a 3-year limit of study. The goal of the program is to lead society through research that attempts to theorize and systematize media creation in a practical way. IAMAS is a public school of Gifu Prefecture and has taken advantage of its status as a public school to work in cooperation with the local community and incorporate media creation into the curriculum.
In order to provide students with an opportunity to receive advice on their own research plan with the faculty member they wish to have as their research advisor, we hold a “Pre-Enrollment Research Consultation” prior to enrolment in this program.

Application Guidelines
(Doctoral Program)


Research Student Program

For those who wish to conduct research on a specific research topic, we offer a “Research Student Program”. Research students are able to engage in research under the supervision of a faculty advisor and in accordance with the research project and plan approved at the time of admission.

Research Student Program

Student Dorms[RIST]

IAMAS has a student-friendly dormitory located approximately 0.7 km from JR Ogaki Station and 1.1 km from IAMAS, in a one-room format with Internet access.

Student Dorms[RIST]