Since the two-building campus was relocated in 2014 to the Softopia Japan, an area on the cutting-edge of the information industry expected to serve as a hub for creating new innovation born from the collaboration between education and industry beginning by grouping businesses together.

Softopia Japan Central Building Photo

Softopia Japan Central Building

In addition to the faculty offices, various specialized studios, the theater room, and the galleries are located here.

Workshop 24 Photo

Workshop 24

Besides the loft and project rooms that serve as student research spaces, this bulding also houses the Innovation Studio and the library.

School Facilities Overview

Students can in general use the school facilities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The library, Innovation Studio, metalworking room, wookworking room and equipment rental room can only be used on weekdays.

Library Photo Workshop 24


The library houses over 2,000 audiovisual articles and around 38,000 volumes of books and serial publications, primarily related to art, science, and information studies. The library is open for use by the general public.
IAMAS Library

Loft Photo Workshop 24


The loft is a shared space where students can interact while working on their research projects. There is one loft for first-year students and another for second-years. These lofts are furnishied to create an environment that helps students learn programming and networking skills and complete their individual work and research.

Project room Photo Workshop 24 | 5F

Project room

This space serves as a base for group Project research, and is divided among the various Projects. Rooms are allocated based each project’s size and scope and contains equipment the Project needs to use.

Gallery Photo Central Building | 3F


This is a multipurpose space used for exhibitions, concerts, workshops, etc.

Theater Photo Central Building | 3F


A small movie theater equipped with an HD projector. Visual projects and materials can be viewed here, and the space can also be used for lectures or presentations.

Printer room & Design studio Photo Central Building | 3F

Printer room & Design studio

A room for the production of printed materials. The studio is equipped with machines including a color laser printer, large format inkjet printer, cutting plotter, and paper cutter.

Visual studio Photo Central Building | 3F

Visual studio

A film studio with a white cyclorama wall that can be used for chroma-key filming and photography. The room is outfitted with a complete set of the equipment required for studio filming – including cameras, video monitors, lights, and a camera dolly and crane – and a stroboscope and flash diffuser for use in still photography.

Sound studio Photo Central Building | 3F

Sound studio

A soundproofed music studio for practicing and recording musical performance. The studio contains a piano and a number of other instruments. It is also used for narration and other voice recording.

Innovation Studio Photo Workshop 24 | 1F

Innovation Studio

A studio outfitted with digital manufacturing machines such as a laser cutter, CNC router, 3D printer, and 3D modelling equipment. This is a space for students to develop their ideas while making prototypes they can see, touch, and feel.
IAMAS Innovation Studio

Metalworking room Photo Workshop 24

Metalworking room

The metalworking studio features an array of metalwork machinery at the student’s disposal, allowing for the machining and welding of metal like soft iron, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Woodworking room Photo Workshop 24 | 1F

Woodworking room

This studio is outfitted for general woodworking with tools such as a table saw, panel saw, sander, and band saw.

Equipment rental room Photo Workshop 24 | 5F

Equipment rental room

This facility loans out recording equipment such as microphones, DSLR and HD video cameras; digital production equipment like notebook and desktop computers; LCD screens, projectors, graphics tablets, audio interfaces, and all sorts of production software.

Sleeping Rooms Photo Central Building | 2F

Sleeping Rooms

The school provides Japanese style rooms where students can nap, giving them a nearby space to refresh themselves if worn out from a long session of work or research.

Student dorm [RIST]

RIST, IAMAS’ student dormitory, is located in a residential area 1.3 kilometers from the school. Each room is furnished with amenities that include a unit bathroom, bed, and electric stove*. Rent is kept at an affordable rate ideal for students. * The dormitory is all-electric, so equipment powered by natural gas cannot be used.

Student dorm [RIST] Photo
Address 1−1−7 Fujie-cho, Ogaki-shi
Number of rooms 40 (Western style)
Size 1 room, 1 kitchen (Approx. 14.85m2)
Rent ¥22,800/month
Common service fee ¥35,000/year (payment in advance)
Etc. Parking space is provided for vehicles, motorbikes and bicycles.
Student dorm [RIST] floorplan

Dormitory Amenities
Bath, toilet, washroom, kitchen, bed, dresser, bedding storage, air conditioner, home telephone, lighting, balcony, curtains

Information from IAMAS