Place Sense Media

Visiting a place, feeling something, and thinking about it. We transform our experiences, express them, and discuss them with one another. In a space where these experiences mix, a new “place” is born, and our “senses” are transformed…

In this project, we will explore new possibilities for artistic expression by rethinking the representation of “place” in sensory media, such as: video and sound from various perspectives. The project will critique and examine artistic expressions spanning various fields such as visual and aural culture theory, visual anthropology, and ecocriticism. Each participating member will obtain insights for their own creation based on this knowledge of other researchers and creators.


Research Representative(s): Maebayashi Akitsugu
Research Member(s): Kobayashi Takahiro

Research Plan

In 2023, the second year of the program, we will emphasize outdoor activities and place experiences. Guests from various fields will be invited to discuss issues related to “body and environment” or “nature, culture, and technology.” As a result, we will plan and hold independent projects and exhibitions by the participating members.


[April-May 2023] Introduction of Prior Activities of FY2022 / Viewing of Artistic works and introduction of related literature

[June 2023] Outdoor Activities (e.g. experience the “Yoro Tenmei Hantenjo”, working with the soil, visit to Mt. Kinsho)

[July 2023] Planning and Implementation of Open House Exhibition

[August – October 2023] Planning and Implementation of Exhibitions and Events

[November-December 2023] Planning and Implementation of workshops / Summary and Presentation of Activities during the year

[January – March 2024] Planning and Implementation of the Graduation Exhibition / Class Review

Research Period

2022 - Present

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