Foundations of Media Creation 1 : Introduction

This characteristically IAMAS lecture course is the first students take. In it, they gain interdisciplinary academic knowledge and practical skills. Students make presentations about their past, present, and future in a variety of forms. Using a section of wall, they reflect on and envision what they’ve done in the past, what they want to accomplish at IAMAS, and what they plan for the future. By engaging in discussions with other students and receiving advice from faculty members, students will bring the ideas they present closer to reality. How can we organize and put out previous work into words? How can we express our present selves? How can we construct our future selves. Over the course of a week, students will explore their responses to the question “why have I come to IAMAS?”

Course Format

Orientation, Lecture, Presentation, Discussion

Course Plan/Overview

1 Orientation
2 Self Introductions / Description of Assignment
4-8 Lecture
9-10 Discussion
11-12 Presentation Preparation
13-15 Presentation

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