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Akamatsu Masayuki
Dean, Professor

Akamatsu Masayuki

A media artist born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1961. Akamatsu graduated from the Kyoto City University of Arts Graduate School of Arts with a doctorate in art. He creates interactive music and visual works; in recent years, he has been studying the influence that technology has on people and society through his creations under the theme of mobility and reality. His representative work includes the books “Max Textbook” and “iOS Textbook”, the apps “Banner” and “Sekai Camera (Tonchidot)” and the installation “Uroboros Torch.”

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Teaching program

Master’s program , Doctoral Program

Research Field

  • Critical Cycling

Academic Degree

  • Doctor of Arts (Fine Art) (Kyoto City University of Arts)


1981.04 - 1984.03
Kobe University Faculty of Letters Department of Philosophy, Psychology Specialization
2002.04 - 2005.03
Kyoto City University of Arts Faculty of Fine Arts, PhD


1984.04 - 1997.03
Kobe City Hall Case Worker
1997.04 - 2011.03
International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences Assistant Professor / Professor