Foundations of Media Creation 3 : Thoughts and Lectures

In this section, students will be introduced to the 9 Specialized Classes that will teach them the knowledge and skills necessary to produce sophisticated media creations. They will make use of this knowledge and skill as they create and research as part of their Project Classes and Special Research Classes. As students are introduced to the Specialized Classes through lectures that allow them to experience each class’ characteristics, they will come to understand the significance of each class through discussions and Q&A sessions. The Specialized Classes compse a 3 x 3 matrix of the elements “art”, “information society”, “design and information”, “the body”, and “media.” The classes themselves will begin in the second semester.

Course Format

Lecture / Discussion

Course Plan/Overview

Session 1 Art Theory Classes: Overall Introduction
Session 2 Introduction to Art Theory A
Session 3 Introduction to Art Theory B
Session 4 Introduction to Art Theory C
Session 5 Art Theory Classes: Discussion and Q&A Session
Session 6   Information Society Theory Classes: Overall Introduction
Session 7 Introduction to Information Society Theory A
Session 8 Introduction to Information Society Theory B
Session 9 Introduction to Information Society Theory C
Session 10 Information Society Theory: Discussion
Session 11 Design Theory: Overall Introduction
Session 12 Introduction to Design Theory A
Session 13 Introduction to Design Theory B
Session 14 Introduction to Design Theory C

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

There is no textbook for this class. Reference materials will be introduced in class as necessary.

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