Yoshida Shigeki Professor

Yoshida Shigeki

Born in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture in 1962, Shigeki Yoshida specializes in computer networks. He has been involved with the WIDE Project since before the dawn of the internet, working with themes like super distributed information retrieval and autonomous data distribution. During that period, he also helped with the construction of network systems at educational and administrative organizations. In recent years, his main activities have involved education, enlightenment, and community building, as well as the social application of IT.

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Teaching program

Master’s program

Research Field

  • Computer Networks

Academic Degree

  • Master of Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology


1982.04 - 1984.03
Toyohashi University of Technology, Engineering Department, Architectural Engineering
1984.04 - 1986.03
Toyohashi University of Technology, Graduate School, Architectural Engineering


1986.04 - 1991.03
1991.04 - 1997.03
Tokyo University, Institute of Industrial Science, Assistant
1997.04 - 2011.03
International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences, Assistant Professor / Professor
2011.04 -
Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Professor
2013.04 - 2017.03
Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, President

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