Practical Project Studies 1A・1B・1Ai・1Bi・2A・2B

The Project Course, made up of Practical Project Studies I・II・III・IV, is one of the most characteristic courses of our school. This important course serves as the framework for students’ graduate research. Through these interdisciplinary projects, we endeavor to measure the social significance of media creation, share the results of our work with society, and maintain an environment of strong collaboration with those outside the school. By means of these cooperative activities, students acquire experience and know-how in multiple fields, and seek to effectively synthesize this knowledge for use in still more advanced research and technological development. Also, while pursuing educational effectiveness within the school, we hope to give back to the outside by sharing the results of our projects. These interdisciplinary course aims to help students develop a comprehensive perspective, planning skills, organizational ability, and management experience in guiding an idea through to its realization. For more details about each project, please refer to the project syllabi under the 2.9 project list.

Course Plan/Overview

Each project group proceeds with research based on regularly (and irregularly, if necessary) scheduled meetings. The results of this research will be presented at forums of academic exchange like conferences or research groups, exhibitions foreign and domestic, and events like the Open House put on by our school.

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