Special Research 1A・1B・2A・2B・1Ai・1Bi

Designated instructors will guide students in graduate research, its process, and its problem-solving methodologies. The primary faculty members are all qualified to guide research in their field. Should a student choose to tackle a subject that spans multiple fields, a similarly qualified secondary faculty member will be assigned. Even in the case of multiple advising faculty members, the lion’s share of responsibility will fall to the main faculty advisor. Final evaluation will be conducted by the main advisor and the two secondary advisors. Special Research 1 and 2 correspond to each student year. Second year students take 2A in the first half of the year, and 2 B in the second. To receive credit in this course, students receive do not just receive active guidance, but must also conduct interviews with multiple faculty members (explaining their intentions for their research / productions as well as its contents and their current state of progress, and then receiving the instructors’ opinions and advice.) First year students must present their work, give a research progress report, and submit a written progress report during the Annual Work Presentation. Second year students must give a research proposal, progress report, final presentation, etc., in order to obtain their degree.
Special Research 1A/1B is for first year students in the standard course, Special Research 2A/2B is for second year students in the standard course, and Special Research 1Ai/1Bi is for students in the intensive course. The “A” section of each class takes place during the first semester; the “B” section, during the second. In order to receive credit in these classes, students must actively consult with multiple professors while receiving guidance from their faculty advisor. They must be able to describe their work, their research, their plans, and their progress while accepting the opinions and advice of their instructors. First year students in the standard course must additionally make a presentation about the work they accomplished during the year and submit a report about it as well as a mid-term research report. Students in the intensive course and second year students in the standard course must complete a number of presentations to acquire their degree, including a project proposal and mid-term presentation.

Course Format

Seminar, consultation, presentation, reporting.

Course Plan/Overview

  • Research Seminar
  • Special Interviews
  • Research Presentation
  • Research Report

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

Suitable materials will be introduced by the faculty advisor in accordance with the student's research topic.

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