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Special Research Classes

Special Research 1A・1B・2A・2B・1Ai・1Bi

Research guidance on master’s research is provided by research supervisors. The research advisor consists of one main research supervisor (hereinafter referred to as “chief advisor”) and two secondary research supervisors (hereinafter referred to as “subadvisors”), each of whom is qualified to provide research guidance. However, until the chief advisor is determined, the interim advisor, determined during enrollment, will serve as the research advisor.
The responsibility for research guidance rests with the chief research advisor, and the final evaluation is made by the chief advisor. Special Research 1A and 1B correspond to the first year of the standard course, Special Research 2A and 2B correspond to the second year of the standard course, and Special Research 1Ai and 1Bi correspond to the short-term course respectively. All “A” courses are offered during the first semester and their corresponding B courses are all in the second semester.
In order to receive credit for this course, students must actively seek research guidance in seminars and individual meetings, as well as hold special meetings with multiple faculty members each semester to explain their research intentions, content, progress, etc., and receive feedback and advice thereupon. Additionally, in the first year of the standard course, the annual presentation and submission of the annual report is necessary. In the second year of the standard course and the short-term course a concept presentation and concept report must be submitted. Mid-year presentations and mid-year reports are also required.

Course Format

Seminars, consultations, presentations, reports

Course Plan / Overview
  • Research Seminar
  • Special Interviews
  • Research Presentation
  • Research Report
Textbooks / Reference Materials

Suitable materials will be introduced by the faculty advisor in accordance with the student's research topic.

Production Seminar Classes Production Seminar C (Visual Arts) 
Project Classes Project Practicum 1A・1B・1Ai・1Bi・2A・2B