Per general rules, all current students may use the on campus facilities anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. (The library and equipment rental room are only open during the day on weekdays.)


In the library, there are approximately 38000 books and serial publications, with specialized books related to information, science and art as the central focus. It is also possible to view the videos, DVDs, and other audio-visual materials, of which there are over 2000 items. The library also offers a research material search service. Visitors may also make use of the library.


The lofts are places for students to interact with each other and conduct their own individual research. Each of the two class years has its own loft, which features the necessary environment for developing programming and networking skills and furthering research and project development.

Project room

These spaces act as a base for group project research, and are divided among various projects. Rooms are allocated based each project’s size and scope.

R café

A café-style open space that can be used freely for small- scale lectures and workshops, meetings, etc.


A mini-theater equipped with an HD projector. Can be used to view visual works and materials. Can also be used as a space for mini-lectures and presentations.

Printer room & Design studio

A room for the output and processing of printed materials. Various machinery is available, including a color laser printer, a wide-format ink-jet printer, cutting plotter and paper cutter.

Visual studio

A white horizon visual studio. The visual studio allows for blue screen filming/photographing for image synthesis. The studio is equipped with filming equipment, such as camera and monitors, lights, cranes, dollies, etc., as well as strobes and diffusers for photography.

Sound studio

A music room equipped with acoustic wall panels. The studio is suitable for practice for instrumental performances and recording. A piano and a number of other instruments are provided. Also, the studio is also used for narration recording.

Innovation Studio

A studio equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters, digital fabrication machines like CNC, and 3D modeling machines. The Innovation Studio is a hub for everyone to develop their ideas while creating prototypes that can be seen, touched, and felt.

Metalworking room

The metalworking room has machinery for metalworking, allowing for the machining and welding of soft iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

Woodworking room

The woodworking room has a table saw, panel saw, sander, band saw, and other machinery, allowing for general woodworking.

Equipment rental room

The equipment rental room loans out recording equipment (such as digital SLR cameras, HD video cameras, and mikes), notebook PCs, desktop computers (both Windows and Mac), LC displays, projectors, graphics tablets, audio-interfaces, and other equipment, as well as a variety of software.

Sleeping Rooms

There are gender specific sleeping rooms on campus, and each Japanese style room also has shower stalls available. These function as spaces for students to rest after exhausting their energies on research.

Student dorm [RIST]

RIST is an affordable student dorm located in a residential area approximately 1.3km from the school itself. Rooms combine comfort with functionality and come complete with bed, bath, and electric cooking ware. The dorm has switched to all electric power, so residents are not able to use gas-powered heaters or cooking implements.


1−1−7 Fujie-cho, Ogaki-shi

Number of rooms

40 (Western style)


1 room, 1 kitchen (Approx. 14.85m2)



Common service fee

¥35,000/year (payment in advance)


Parking space is provided for vehicles, motorbikes and bicycles.