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Introductory Classes

Media Creation Foundations 1 (Introduction)

This introductory class helps students gain the skills that define an IAMAS education: interdisciplinary academic knowledge and practical ability. They will present their past, present, and futures in a variety of forms to others. What they did in the past, what they want to do at IAMAS, and what they will do in the future… After this, they will express their memories, present state, and prospects. Through exchanging opinions with one another, and based on advice from their instructors with a conscientiousness to the work’s connection with society at-large, they will investigate the ideal state of their research. Students will look into questions such as: How will I organize and verbalize myself? How will I perceive myself contemporarily? How do I imagine my future to be like? Over the span of a week, each student will search for possible answers to the question of “why did I come to IAMAS?”

Course Format

Investigations, lectures, creations, presentation

Course Plan / Overview

Day 1: Explanation of concepts and off-campus survey
Day 2: Report of the off-campus survey, introduction of examples (expression methods), trial manufacturing task
Day 3: Presentation of trial manufactured works, lecture: introduction of examples (transmission methods), trial manufacturing task
Day 4: Trial manufacturing task
Day 5: Presentation of assignment, prepared critique, creation of reports

Textbooks / Reference Materials

To be introduced in class

Introductory Classes Media Creation Foundations 2 (Understanding)