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Introductory Classes

Media Creation Foundations 3 (Creation)

In this lecture, through the setting of the thought process and way of creating a “bricolage” as a large conceptual framework, we cooperate and work on the tasks of the professors and students from a variety of fields.
Claude Lévi-Strauss’ “bricolage” will be featured as a starting point for discussions and we will discuss mankind and things, things and images, things and information, the relationship between materials and things, and further, will expand our point of view to the environment and existences, and the potential for society to hold out in present times. We will also discuss the topic of “why is a bricolage style point of view necessary now?”
Perhaps what is needed in production is “the ability to make choices.” Or perhaps it is the “ability to convey” what you want to say, even if it is “just in time.” Of course thinking deeply about a matter by oneself is crucial, but whilst doing cooperative work with others and taking in different viewpoints, it also becomes necessary to have the ability to overcome differences in opinions at times. The concept of “bricolage” which puts emphasis on creativity, flexibility and opportunism becomes a valuable lens to understand the importance of collaboration in contemporary society.

Course Format

Lectures and workshops

Course Plan / Overview

April 22nd
Explanation of the concept of the lecture
Explanation of the objective and task setting from professors
Q&A and discussion
Group, or perhaps individual efforts towards the assignment

April 23rd
Creation and 1st discussion

April 24th
Creation and 2nd discussion

April 25th
Summary and presentation

Introductory Classes Media Creation Foundations 2 (Understanding)
Introductory Classes Media Creation Foundations 4 (Planning)