Project Practicum 1A・1B・1Ai・1Bi・2A・2B

The project classes, divided into Project Practicum 1A・1B・1Ai・1Bi・2A・2B, just might some of the most IAMAS-like classes we have. They serve the crucial function of providing a framework for students’ graduate research. These interdisciplinary endeavors quantify the social significance of media creation research, sharing and coordinating the results of this research with wider society. The goal of these classes is to effectively synthesize the knowledge and experience of multiple academic fields so that the proverbial trees of our research bear riper fruit. While demanding educational vigor for our students, we will actively work to use this research to contribute to the outside world. For more information on the project classes, take a look at their individual syllabi.

Course Plan/Overview

Each project class will decide its meeting schedule and may hold additional sessions as necessary. The project classes may engage in academic communion through conferences and other events, exhibit their work inside and outside of japan, and present their activities at school events like the open house.

Information from IAMAS