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We have released the IAMAS 2022 Graduation Exhibition Catalog

We are proud to announce the release of the catalog, documenting the IAMAS 2022 20th Graduate Research and Project Research Exhibition, conducted from February 20th-23rd, 2022. The abstracts and illustrations of the graduate and project-based research, exhibited during the event, are included in the catalog. Alumni, Yanagawa Tomoyuki and Maruo Ryuichi, oversaw the design and video, respectively, of the event.
The catalog can also be found in digital form on IAMAS BOOKS.


Director: Akabane Kyo
Editor: Sasaki Miki
Designer: Yanagawa Tomoyuki
Videographer: Maruo Ryuichi
Translation: Nelson Hunter
Printing: Sanmesse Inc.
Presenter: IAMAS

Information from IAMAS