Enhanced Experience Environment Project

It is conjectured that when humankind has achieved the Singularity – the point at which artificial intelligence has surpassed the collective intelligence of humanity – the world will undergo a great paradigm shift. Conventional extrapolative methods of technological forecasting will become impossible. In this project, while considering the potential impact of the Singularity, we will conduct research towards the creation of an environment that will allow for the expansion of our experience.

In order to bring to life futuristic experiences based on real space, information spaces such as the internet, and AI built with environmental sensors and deep learning, we will make full use of available technology, considering and developing its practical usage in creating works of art or implementing systems and services.


Research Representative(s): Masami Hirabayashi
Research Member(s): Takahiro Kobayashi

Research Plan

To start off, we will establish study sessions to share knowledge about contemporary research trends and basic technology in order to conjecture what a post-singularity future might be like. We will hold these sessions based on the needs of the participants; so, whatever the participant’s knowledge at the time of enrollment, any deficient areas can be made up for with adequate motivation.

We take as our objectives those experiences which merit expansion and the creation of environments where such expansion can be realized. Students will hypothesize which events and situations might be conducive to this, and progress in their work either individually or in teams.

As an environment for expanding experiences, we recommend providing opportunities to practically develop all kinds of events and exhibitions including those related to NxPC.Lab; therefore, we will work to improve user tests and conduct experiments in actual society.

The results of our work will not be research alone; we also stress importance of creative expression and entertainment that can serve to expand experience. Therefore, we aim to develop our work through a variety of methods: presentations at academic conferences, exhibitions at events, implementing events themselves, exhibitions as artwork, etc.

Research Period

2015 - Present

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