Part-time lecturer

Aida Daiya

Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media

Part-time lecturer

Aoki Seiya

Artist; Lecturer, Department of Media Creation, Kyoto Seika University

Part-time lecturer

Ando Hideyuki

Professor, Department of Art Science, Osaka University of Arts; Guest Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University


Ando Yasuhiko

Contemporary artist (KOSUGI+ANDO)

Part-time lecturer

Iida Yutaka

Professor, College of Social Sciences Department of Social Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

Part-time lecturer

Imura Yasuko

Curator, Head of Library and Information Services, Tokyo Curatorial Department, The National Art Center

Part-time lecturer

Osawa Satoru

Design Engineer, Takram

Part-time lecturer

Onishi Nobuo

Photographer, Film Director

Part-time lecturer

Odawara Nodoka

Sculptor, Critic, Publisher Representative

Part-time lecturer

Kadobayashi Takeshi

Professor, Department of Film and Media Studies, Faculty of Letters, Kansai University

Part-time lecturer

Kano Mikihito

Associate Professor, Mie Regional Plan Co-creation Organization, Mie University, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Regional Innovation Studies, Mie University

Part-time lecturer

Kimura Noriyuki


Part-time lecturer

Kodaka Kenri

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Design and Architecture, Nagoya City University

Part-time lecturer

Sato Tomohisa

Professor, Archival Research Center, Kyoto City University of the Arts

Part-time lecturer

Shikata Yukiko

Curator, President of International Association of Art Critics Japanese Section, Visiting Professor of Tama Art University and Tokyo Zokei University

Part-time lecturer

Sekiguchi Atsuhito

Specially Appointed Professor, Department of Design and Craft New Media & Image, Aichi University of the Arts

Part-time lecturer

Tateishi Shoko

Assistant professor, Department of Communications, College of Humanities, Chubu University

Part-time lecturer

Hirose Shuji

Freelance, Sketch On

Part-time lecturer

Fukuhara Shiho

Artist, Technology Integration Lead (Google ATAP)

Part-time lecturer

Fushida Masahiro

Tokyo Computer Service Co., Ltd

Part-time lecturer

Matsuda Ai

Associate professor, Academic Assembly, Faculty of Art and Design, University of Toyama

Part-time lecturer

Yamato Hiroshi

Musician, Engineer, Signal Compose, Inc.

Part-time lecturer

Yamano Hiroki

Doctoral Program, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo

Part-time lecturer

Yamabe Masaki

Specially Appointed Lecturer, Graduate School of Social and Data Sciences, Hitotsubashi University, Keio Research Institute at SFC, Keio University, Founder, Design & Programming Inc.; Part-time Lecturer, Department of Design, MEISEI University, Part-time Lecturer, Musashino Art University, Part-time Lecturer, Kyoto Seika University, Staff

Part-time lecturer

Watanabe Yohko

Professor, Curator, Keio University Art Center

Honorary President

Itsuo Sakane

Honorary Professor

Tadashi Yokoyama

Information from IAMAS