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Basic Research Course

Special Lecture on Intellectual Property Rights

We will cover the basic concept of intellectual property rights, domestic and international laws and systems, the significance of intellectual property as a result of research activities, and the process of utilization of advanced intellectual property in universities and companies. We will also learn how to create patents based on familiar patent ideas, as well as how to look for prior patents. Furthermore, students will come to understand the role of intellectual property rights in society.

Course Plan / Overview

Class 1: Guidance/Defining Intellectual Property Rights
Class 2: Patent system
Class 3: Patent practice
Class 4: Intellectual property contract practice
Class 5: Design system
Class 6: Trademark system
Class 7: Copyright system
Class 8: Copyright use

Textbooks / Reference Materials

Materials needed for this class will be introduced as needed.

Basic Research Course Research in Media Creation Ⅱ
Project Research Course Project Research Ⅰ