Media Creation Foundations 1 (Introduction)

This introductory class helps students gain the skills that define an IAMAS education: interdisciplinary academic knowledge and practical ability. They will present on their past, present, and futures in a variety of forms. What they did in the past, what they want to do at IAMAS, and what they will do in the future…using the surface of a wall, they will express their present selves alongside reflections about their pasts. After this, they will discuss with one another; and, based on the advice they receive from their instructors, how to put these expressions into a more tangible format. How will they organize and verbalize their past “work?” How will they express their present selves? What do they imagine their futures will be like? Over a week, each student will face the wall and search the possible answers to the question of “why did I come to IAMAS?”


Course Format

Orientation, lecture, presentation, discussion

Course Plan/Overview

Session 1: Orientation
Session 2: Introductions, explanation of assignments, the introduction of topic-based literature, and introduction of references.
Sessions 4 – 8: Lecture, introduction to various methods for research and analysis
Sessions 9 – 10: Discussion and advice
Sessions 11 – 12: Presentation preparation, approach to research and analysis
Sessions 13 – 15: Presentations, questions, and summary

Textbooks /
Reference Materials

To be introduced in class

Information from IAMAS