Media Creation Foundations 2 (Create and Exhibit)

In this class, we will learn about how media and creation are tied together.

Media technology has been developed to overcome various limitations and to create freer communication. Video and audio recording have made it possible to record things more clearly, and transmission technology has made it possible to convey more information farther and faster. 

Yet, we often find ourselves in situations where our means of communication and expression are limited, and we lament the lack of freedom. On the other hand, what would a situation with no restraints look like? What kind of communication would be possible if perfect media was realized? Is such a thing even possible in the first place?

When we criticize the inadequacies of today’s telecommunication, we inevitably look to face-to-face “raw communication” as the ideal standard. However, in retrospect, there are various restrictions and implicit understanding in “raw communication,” and it is this framework that has made dialogue possible. As we come into contact with more and more artificial alternative realities, we may become more and more aware of the nature of media underlying our conventional reality.

n this class, as creators, we will explore McLuhan’s thesis that “media is a message.” It does not mean that the media we choose already has a meaning, but that we see it as a place where our attitude towards the given condition is expressed. From that perspective, we hope that you will come to understand that the limitations of creation can be a source of expression, but not a hindrance. 

This class is made up of several exercises including projects, exhibits, and explanations, as well as lectures from each of the professors in charge and group discussions.

Course Format

Lecture and Practice

Course Plan/Overview

Day 1:
Introduction (Class Overview)
Lecture 1
Group Discussion

Day 2:
Production and Experimentation
Lecture 2

Day 3:
Lecture 3
Artwork Production

Day 4:
Exhibit and Explanation

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